Verity founder, builder, husband of one, father of two, and Helping Hands Good Samaritan, building homes for millions

Tim Plankenhorn has had an interest in building ever since he can remember. His apprenticeship began with his grandfather and evolved into teaming up with his father. It stands to reason why cultivating a family-oriented business beyond immediate family is a priority for Tim. Every month he treats the Verity team to breakfast—not to talk shop, but to spend time together. “It’s important to do things that underscore our sincerity about building a sustainable family culture at Verity.” Tim’s experience has shown that working as a team and building trust brings out a higher level of performance, which is why he hires employees instead of independent contractors.


The desire to build honest, personal relationships extends to Tim’s customers as well. He approaches every project with the intention to provide the best service and exceed expectations; the same approach Tim expects of his team.



Angela Tate

Angela Tate

Operations Administrator

Tim has created a familial culture here at Verity. Everyone feels he cares about their success.

When I sat down with Tim for the first time, I instantly felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. Whether he is interacting with a staff member or a client, Tim is always authentic, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to.

Because I manage the operations of the business, it was important to Tim that I understood the entire process. He patiently walked me through each step, asking follow-up questions to make sure I understood and wasn’t overwhelmed. Tim has a wealth of knowledge and a way of providing information and support without micromanaging. I’ve watched him train other staff members in the same way. Verity’s processes and procedures both underscore and ensure that each project is a ‘team experience’ and runs smoothly from beginning to end. Each week, project managers update a spreadsheet with their projects’ progress, so any member of our team is able to answer client questions on the status of their project.

Our clients are very happy with the work we provide. I think that’s why so many of them are repeat customers. Our clients know they can count on the quality of our workmanship and our ability to accomplish what they envisioned within their budget and timeline. It’s nice to be able to work for a company I can be proud of. Verity Construction is one of those companies.

Dan Ramirez

Dan Ramirez


“Tim expects us to put 100% of ourselves into each project and take 100% pride in our workmanship.”

I’ve worked on my share of large-scale apartment projects, where the focus was on the speed of production instead of the workmanship. That meant cutting corners. I would see guys come and go on projects because they were there just for the money. There was no unity in the work ethic. I told Tim I was interested in a career in construction and I wanted to learn. The type of jobs I had been doing for other construction companies didn’t teach me how to actually build. One of the things I told Tim I wanted to learn was how to frame a house.

After just three months with Verity, Tim assigned me to a restoration project of a 110-year-old home. That showed me that Tim had a lot of faith in me. Pouring the foundation, reframing the structure, and maintaining the integrity of the original build taught me a lot. Tim’s insistence on using more durable joist hanger nails even though the ones we had would have been strong enough was proof that he didn’t cut corners. Ask anyone on the Verity team and they will tell you that Tim is all about structural integrity. He cares about the details because he does everything with quality in mind.

Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan

Project Director

“At Verity, we all share the same ethical values. It is important to me that every day I feel valued and challenged.”

As Project Manager, Taylor coordinates everything from meeting with the customer, preparing quotes, assembling construction teams, and managing specialty sub-contractors to onsite quality control inspections. When Tim and Taylor met, Taylor was happily running his own construction company. “I wasn’t really looking for a partner. Tim just happened to find me.” During an informal meeting over coffee Taylor discovered that he and Tim had more similarities than just their personalities. “We share the same work ethic and desire to build a company that isn’t just about financial success, but also training and molding people to become skilled and successful in their own estimation.” Taylor knows what that feels like. His mentor invested in him and trained Taylor until he was good enough to become a competitor. When Taylor realized that Verity had that kind of culture, he was all in.

“It’s important to me that the person I work for is, without a doubt, just as ethical, hard- working, and personally invested as I am.”

Together, Tim and Taylor are making sure that they are sustaining a culture of equal opportunity and integrity. That includes supporting Tim’s commitment to giving back through Helping Hands International. “I admire Tim’s devotion to his faith and his humanitarianism. It’s enormously important to me that Tim and I share the same faith and values. I’d follow Tim anywhere!”

I couldn’t have been happier with Verity’s willingness to act as a trusted advisor.
Tim and his team provided alternatives to meet my requests rather than ‘tell me’ what was going to be done.
Time after time, Tim illustrated his belief in quality. If anything didn’t meet his expectation, he took care of it himself.
Having a contractor that consistently responded within 24 hours was an entirely new experience for me.

— Joe Rossi —

Verity Construction is delightful to work with.
They are masterful at finding inexpensive solutions to complicated problems. Their relationships with building officials
greatly expedite the construction process. Tim Plankenhorn has a positive outlook and is eager to please.

— Heiland Hoff —

We had met with a number of other contractors before deciding on Verity. What we liked immediately,
was how Tim arrived asking more questions about our vision than pitching his solutions and ideas. We knew right away
that Verity was aligned with our thinking. Tim’s aim was to make sure we ended up with the home we wanted.
He went out of his way to provide alternate material solutions that fit our cost needs, while
not compromising the overall aesthetics of the home we envisioned.

— Eric and Laura —