Custom Homes

The house of your dreams is finally within reach.



While no two custom homes are alike, they all have one thing in common: each is a labor of love from the ground up. We know that long before someone seeks out construction companies or general contractors to begin the process of making their dream home a reality, they’ve invested time in imagining what their home could be like. They just don’t know how to make it a reality.

At Verity Construction, being entrusted with your custom home is a responsibility we take to heart. We’ve built our company on being true to our word and transparent in our processes, and working to bring your ideas to life is not just our business, it’s at the core of everything we do. Whether your dream home is a cozy cottage or a house with space for a large family, we treat every custom home like it’s our own. 



Like all Verity projects, your custom home build begins long before shovel hits dirt. The first step is a free consultation that gives you the opportunity to describe your dream home and communicate your wishlist to one of our experienced custom home builders who can help define the scope of the project and start to incorporate the concrete details that will bring your home to life. Do you like an open floor plan? Have you always longed for an en suite bathroom and walk-in closet? Would you love a chef’s kitchen and space for entertaining? Are storage space and clever built-ins your priority? Do you need a garage that doubles as a workshop? No vision is too small or too grand for our creative crew of home builders.



Once you’ve outlined your wishes for your custom home, that’s when our job really begins. We’ll work within your budget to provide you with a cost breakdown and timeline for your build. 

Next comes the actual design and plan for your custom home. Until now, your custom home has existed as an idea, but when the plans are drawn up, that’s when it becomes both real and yours. Our in-house design team will walk you through every step and stage of the design process, allowing you to define the floor plan and materials of your custom home down to the tiniest details. This process and details are key to having a low stress, on budget and on schedule build.  



Many construction companies and general contractors near you can quote a project and draw up a plan, but part of Verity’s approach is to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We want building your dream home to be a good experience and part of that is helping you to make certain all regulatory hurdles have been navigated and the necessary permits are in place. We put the effort in up front to prevent unnecessary delays down the line. 



There’s nothing that makes a house feel like a custom home quite like deciding on cabinet colors, backsplashes, drawer pulls and door knobs. After the hard work of foundation, framing, plumbing and electrical, finishes are the fun part. They can also be a lot of details to keep track of and organize. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of exactly what and how many of each thing you’ll need, including allowances for each item. To ensure you stay on budget while still getting the quality finishes your custom home deserves, we’ll also point you toward the vendors we use and trust. 

At Verity, we don’t just want to be the person you hire to build your custom home. Our goal with every build is to be your trusted partner throughout the entire process. We’ve built our reputation and owe our success to making every dream home a dream come true.

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