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The house of your dreams is finally within reach.



Given the amount of time we spend in our homes, it’s easy to understand why home remodeling projects remain such a high priority item on our to-do lists. The reasons to remodel a home are as varied and as personal as our homes themselves. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to redo your outdated bathroom with a double vanity, soaking tub and modern tile work. Maybe you’d like your closed-off kitchen to be opened to the rest of the house with an expansive island where people can gather. Perhaps you’ve got an unfinished basement you’ve longed to turn into a media room or spare bedroom. Maybe you purchased your home because it has good bones, and you want to bring it back to life with a top-to-bottom home remodel. Or perhaps it’s time to sell and move on to the next chapter of your life, and you’d like to spruce up and add value to your current home before putting it on the market.

At Verity Construction, no matter the size or scale of your dreams, we’re ready to help make them reality. We’re not only experts in new builds, but we’re also experienced kitchen remodelers, bathroom remodelers, basement remodelers—basically, if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life. We don’t just want to be your remodeling contractor, we want to be your partner in creating a living space you love to come home to.



As with every project in Verity’s portfolio, every home remodel begins with a well-thought-out and careful plan. Typically, by the time someone makes a call to a local contractor, they’ve spent a fair amount of time gathering ideas and considering what they want—and don’t want. It’s possible they’ve also gotten out the measuring tape and begun to flesh out a budget as well. When we begin the conversation about becoming your home remodeler, we want you to bring your vision with you so that we can help you determine how those ideas will suit your space, time and budget. We’ll talk about form and function so that living in your newly remodeled space is as enjoyable as looking at the finished product.



As experienced home remodelers, we love to provide assistance and advice in every area of the remodeling process. We’ll help you tailor your personal taste to a look and style for your home that will stand the test of time. We’ll work with your budget to ensure the things you most care about are prioritized and that every dollar is allocated to something that will pay dividends for you. We’ll explain how your home remodel will affect the value of your home—there’s a reason kitchen and bathroom remodels are at the top of so many homeowner wishlists. We’ll help you obtain any permits that may be needed and assist you in researching any covenants that need considering. We’ll keep track of all the details that have the potential to derail your home remodel because we believe any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time. Most of all, as your home remodeling contractors, we’ll be with you every step of the way.



Although they have some things in common, a custom home build differs greatly from a home remodel in one key aspect: A person doesn’t live in the home while it’s being built, but more often than not, the residents of a house are carrying on the business of day-to-day life during the remodeling project. At Verity Construction, we are respectful of the fact that we are being invited into a family’s personal space for an extended period of time and that our job site is your home. As such, we attempt to minimize the mess and noise that comes with remodeling and, most importantly, we try and adhere to the most reasonable timeline we can that balances working rapidly and efficiently with giving you the beautiful finished product you desire. Even so, most home remodels do kick up a fair amount of dust and cause some displacement, and it’s part of our job as your remodeling contractors to keep you apprised and manage expectations. When your outdated cabinets, countertops and lighting fixtures are replaced and your kitchen remodel is complete, or your too-tiny shower is expanded and your faded wallpaper is traded for sleek subway tile as part of your bathroom remodel, the temporary inconvenience will be well worth the permanent sense of satisfaction you derive from your newly remodeled home.

With three decades of experience as home remodelers and with hundreds of completed projects to our credit, we are proud of the work we do and the quality workmanship we deliver. Browse our construction remodel portfolio and contact us to talk about bringing your home remodel to life.

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