Tenant Improvements

The house of your dreams is finally within reach.



Whether you’re starting your business, moving to a new space, or upgrading your current space, making improvements to a leased or rented space requires a solid plan and a steady hand. When you want a professional space that balances beauty with functionality, you need someone you trust to handle your tenant improvements. At Verity Construction, we understand perfectly. After all, we’re not just general contractors, we’re business owners as well.



Leasing offers many benefits, but it’s rare to find a space that perfectly suits the requirements of your business or profession. Maybe your new office needs a conference room, staff cubicles, and custom storage. Perhaps your medical practice needs partitioned private exam rooms. Maybe you want a reception area to welcome your patrons, or a staff kitchen and break room. Much like custom home remodels, tenant improvements are highly personal depending on how you use your commercial space.

Unlike home remodels, tenant improvements come with built-in boundaries particular to a leased or rented space: budget, possibly in the form of a tenant improvement allowance, and what your landlord will—and sometimes won’t—allow. Complications can arise for tenants, construction companies and landlords, but Verity’s experienced general contractors and commercial builders will assist you in navigating the process, from the planning stages all the way through to the big reveal of your retooled space to staff and public.



Making improvements to a commercial space can sometimes be stressful, but exciting when they come together. Staying on schedule and on budget have an affect on the overall health and well-being of the bottom line of your business. Commercial spaces have to be user-friendly and durable, placing an equal emphasis on aesthetic design and material choices. We have the expertise to navigate the design and building process with care, and the transparency to provide the advice that most benefits you and your tenant improvement design goals. When combined with our extensive expertise as commercial remodelers, we provide a simplified tenant-improvement process that prepares you for your next step in growing or changing business.

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